The Baby Lizard


A baby lizard was happily playing in the garden in its swing sets, behind the tubelight. Since she was away for a long time when Mommy lizard called the baby lizard back home from behind the bulb holder.

“oopsie! Its been too long!” she thought and got off the swing set.

She hurried to the small opening between the tubelight holder and the wall and tried to wriggle its way out as it had done to enter the garden. It slowly got out its head and got out its body when it took a moment to take inhale deeply the scent of warm milk coming from their kitchen. Unable to control its urge to get its tong on the milk it came out of the hole in one swift, single movement.


She turned back to see her tail left behind the tubelight. The area where her tail had once been attached to her body slightly burned for a few seconds and then diminished.

“MY TAILLLL!!!” she sobbed ,swirling around herself to take a good look at the empty tail-less place behind her.

She sat sad and sobbed, and sobbed extra when she thought how her mom would thereafter be embarrassed to have a tail less daughter, being a symbol of insult to the whole lizard kind. Slowly, sadly she walked away from her home, past her garden and began to pointlessly wander along the walls. An hour or so passed by when she reached the area of the wall lining the ground floor of the huge flats where she took a small house behind a bulb holder.

In a flash she saw Rob Rat sprint past her. He was followed by a few slippers , but the tactically dodged and reached his burrow just outside the flats.


Ignoring the senseless humans she was about to take her first step opposite to the direction in which Rob Rat went when she remembered seeing his long tail trailing behind him as he ran fast.

Quickly she felt enlightened and happy and raced to Rob Rat’s house and knocked at his door.

“No one’s home!” replied Rob and immeditely slapped his forehead realising his stupidity. He hid the just-now, newly stolen food and was pondering how to shoo her away when…

“No! Trust me!” Called out baby lizard. “Im not here for the food! Can you do me a favour??”

Though Rob Rat always robs food and that’s how he got his callsign, he’s always generous enough to do a favour anytime. Relieved that she’s not here for food he opened the door and saw baby lizard sweating and panting.




She smiled innocently hoping Rob would pitty her and would help her out no matter what.

“Oh just ask me the favour already!!!” snapped Rob

“You’ve got a really long tail” she replied.

“You’ve ran all this way from your bulb holder to compliment me on my tail?”

She semi turned for Rob to take a look at her back.

“Ohhhhhhhh God!!!” he dragged.

“ You’ve been such a great friend to me Rob“ she started.

“Ookkaayyy…” he dragged again

“So can you please lend me a small portion of your tail?”

Before he could finish thinking how to reject the favour, his eyes opens wide; he clenches the right side of his chest and collapses to the ground. Then it occurred to Baby Lizard how Rob’s priceless possession has always been his long tail and no wonder he got a 220volts shock whe she asked for it. Leaving him on the floor as hs is, knowing that he would get back up healthy for his food, she gently closed the door and walked away.

She kept pondering where she could get a spare tail and remembered the humans complaining about a blockage in the drain system and thought of Beaver! She crawled up to the mouth of the drain when Beaver was tapping the mesh of sticks hard to prevent the out flow for water from the outlets of the bathrooms. He tapped it very hard to make sure it dosent break. On seeing him at work with his tail she realised how it must be of a great use to him and how he definitely wouldn’t give his tail to her. Still she decided to give it a try.

A few seconds later she saw herself flee for her life when Beaver started to chase her for the merciless act she wanted him to do! His TAILLL!!!

“Take it from me by digging me up from my grave!” he yelled as he saw her speed away.

“OH!!! DAMIT” she thought “The hell I thought they were my friends!!”

Murmuring and swearing at her friends she dozed off behind a shoe rack, also feeling guilty for not informing her mom that would she would be going on a night out.

But ‘a’ night out turned out to be over 3 to 4 days of being away from home. Completely loosing hope on getting a spare tail from all the people she requested, from Sloppy Salamander to Nutcracker Squirrel, she decided to go home, deciding to live the rest of her life being a tail-less embarrassment to her mom.

She knocked the door. Her mom opened.

“Im sooo sorrryyyy momyyy!!!!” she immediately started wailing.

Mommy Lizard watched he puzzled.

“Why dear what happened?” she asked on hearing which Baby Lizard’s heart felt a little soothed.

“IM SORRY TO BE A TAIL-LESS EMBARASSMENT TO YOU!!!” she burst out into a puddle of tears covering her eyes hoping to hold the tears back.

“Wha…What tail-less and what embarrassment?” Mommy was still puzzled.

With a heavy heart Baby turned her back towards her mom and tried hard and looked straight to not look at her own back anymore.

“Please mommy. Please don’t kick me out of the house by kicking my tail-less butt right now…

“Why are you showing me your tail? I’ve seen it since you were born”  mommy was still puzzled.

“Please don’t mom.. pl..” she stopped sobbing immediately and quickly uncovered her eyes and turned to see her back.

A brand new tail, attached to her, awaiting her attention all this while.

“Whaa…” Now it was Baby’s turn to feel puzzled

“Now don’t tell me you cut off your tail else where and didn’t know it would regrow” mom took her inside and and closed the door.

Few hours later, down at the basement of the flats, Beaver stopped tapping for a moment, Rob opened the door of his burrow and they looked at the tubelight glowing from the second foor corridor and heard Baby Lizard’s cry of excitement as she swung happily in her swing set once again.

We break our heads thinking about and gawking at other people’s success but little do we know that by the hardwork we are putting in our lives subconsciously and which we consider insignificant , is forming a huge, furry, alive and kicking tail of success behind us. Just take a small moment to appreciate those success by thinking that they are not grown by fluke or by luck but with our hardwork.

A ‘small moment’ because you don’t want yourself to become too satisfied and gain too much head-weight with whatever successes you’ve got that you consciously stop the subconsciously generated will for hardwork.

Dig a pit and bury jealousy, ego, overthinking and all the other harmful stuffs which keep us from loving ourselves as we are.

#selfloveonlyy =)

SPOILER ALERT : Doing the above mentioned trick is harder than lifting the moon!

A blog thoroughly inspired from my excellently confusedandcrazilycurious bestie’s self careethon blogs…







AIR PODS? Ughhh!!!

Not even ONE of the non-romantic stuff but the MOST non-romantic stuff in the world are
The air pods, and other similar earphones.
Just today one of my friend had a 16k Samsung air pod. I asked him for a moment just to check how clearly it helps me hear the songs. I sick it into my ear, and I became deaf! Not because of high blaring songs but due to the rubber covering which digs deep inside my ears and as I remove it I feel like it would suck my brain out
ok that’s acceptable. And he spent quite some time, by when my bus arrived and he was forced to keep it inside his bag to hide it from the jail wardens (teachers, duh), trying to connect it with Bluetooth.
“Could I just go to the near by tea shop and have my morning tea while u figure out what happened?”
INNCONVINENT ! what would the wired ones would do to u huh??? Strangle u to death as u close your eyes, deeply enjoying the song being  played???

Why non-romantic??? Me tell u ya!

Consider a situation where a school boy is going on a field trip, sitting in the last seat listening to songs.
His crush is sitting in front of him.

(no cross thinking like “Y is he hearing songs? Why can’t he spend time with his other friends? He would really miss this quality time he spends after he enters his college life? And by the way how r phones allowed to schools?)
NAH! Go with the story!

she turns back to see I the other bus carrying the students of other section is keeping up with them and accidently sees him listening to songs while all his other friends were cracking jokes.
“May I join you?”
His heart beat raising faster than a F1 car “Yup! Sure!”
As she sat to his right he gave her the left earphone

“Hey, (whatever the girl’s name is), can u come over here??” her friend calls her from the front end of the bus
Case 1: if air pods used
“Yeah! COMING “! She gets up n walks off with the left ear piece still in her ear, leaving this guy’s heart to slow, slower than the earth’s 1 full revolution

Case 2 : if normal earphones (the actual wired ones)
The girl takes off her left ear phone to say “ ONE SONG! AND THEN I”LL come” and she puts it back in her ears, she still sitting beside the guy which makes the boy feel a temporary happiness of
“SHE COHSE me over her friend!!1 YAAAYYY”!!! And a connective feel, which the wire gives the guy, between their hearts!
and maybe the boy could next play her her another favourite song making the girl sit beside him for the rest of the trip, the trip which might end up helping the guy change his fb status from single to committed!!!

That meme? which shows a part of a whole apple falling to the right with the name ‘samsung’ indicating samsung formed from Apple Inc? Thats what they do! divide ppl!
but so far nokia hasn’t manufactured an air pod and just stuck with the wired ones.
Because they ‘Connect people’!

12 to 12:30

Nothing ever beats the lunch time during our school. No matter how delicious food my college serves. No matter how changing their menu is everyday. 

That wait at 11:59am for the last tick to 12 noon.  That wait for our ma’am to end her extra time lecture.  That respiteful ring of the bell. Soon we’ll arrange the benches and chairs at the back of the class. As I sit down and the next chairs at the either side of me is occupied leaving no additional chairs to be added, I see my unfortunate friend standing behind me supporting a chair in his hands. 

“OHOOO!!! APPO!!! 

We quickly make way for him too. 

Then we suddenly transform into Bees. Swarm on that lunch box which has chapatti waiting to be grabbed along with paneer or biriyani with raitha or the soothing warm sambar saadham slight topped with ghee!!!

A few seconds later our brothers from another mother, from the next class (there barely any barrier exists between us,  except the bricked physical wall). 

“My share please… ” 

I hand him over 2 as if I take ownership of my buddy ‘s chapatti. If I took my share without taking extra for him,  my share is gone! 

These things will never change! None. No matter what. 


My eyes in severe drought 

Looks everywhere 

Boys,  boys and more boys

The ratio 0:1:2

Not fair!!! 

But during the peeps into 


It enjoys a colourful chill

When the gate becomes an abstract barrier! 

I was returning home from  the nearby shop after buying 2 packets of milk. Just when i reached the gate a woman, I guess she lives in my flats, came out. I noticed her walk past the gate leaving them wide open. That frustrated me. Standing outside, watching the woman walk on the path I was debating with myself weather I should remind her to close the gate the next time she goes out or just ignore her and close the gate myself. Finally, a bold fearless guy decided to speak. 

“Ma’am!!! “I called out.” Please try keeping the gates closed! Random dogs enter the flats and are dirting here the next morning! ”

She just nodded and continued to walk. 

Then I entered the gate. 

Great!!! Just great!!

 Sometimes keeping quiet, ignoring and carrying on with your work is much better than you making your self a dog. 

I turned back

Only to see a fleet of new faces

Quizzing and unknown

Faces a mix-up of

Attitude confidence nervousness

Who wore shirts so formal

Some plain some striped

Some checked some bright

Cloudy and gloomy outside the auditorium

Freezing low temperature inside

Piercing my skin

Added to my miserability

Wanted to hug my best friend beside

Plunge my arms under his

Share the same warmth

But until then

Who is this guy beside me?

My friend??

My foe??

Folding up my arms

Wound tightly to myself

My heart sank

To the deep dark centre of the Atlantic

Helpless Hopeless Unbeating

My eyes went warm

Vision soon blurred

But the tiny droplets defying the gravity

Stood back, behind the eyelids

I struggled to see the the words above

The stage

Alphabets differently strung

Beamed down at me

My previous worlds has left to their new world

Convincing my self

With the tip of my finger

Flung back the last tear


This is where I belong

My college’s name, the name of my new world

A deserted island

Which I should make as my paradise…



He saw it through the dusty glass window of an antique shop as he passed by it after school. Steve, Jade, and John were all pumped after their last board exam. They came jumping and dancing all the way down the small street which leads the way to their villa. They belonged to the great business person, well renowned and reputed, a Hindu who later converted to Christianity, Mrs. McRennel. She had assets like acres of land and ruled the market. Many people were ready to invest and partner her in business. But they were all rejected by her and she was the queen and donned the stocks. She went through a tough time after her husband passed away and had only one goal in life..’To give good education to her children’. She was widowed when Steve Jade and John were 3years old. She was very dejected and was completely shattered when she came to know about the accident which her husband had encountered. Every bad time are followed by good ones. Her life turned when she saw the news paper’s extreme right sided column ‘WANTED TEACHERS WELL VERSED IN ACCOUNTS TO HANDLE CLASSES 11 AND 12’. She immediately phoned her brother and enquire him on how to apply and what are the procedures. Though she was a teacher … well not exactly a teacher, HOD of the accounts dept. in a well reputed school back in 1980s she had lost touch on how the procedures were these days as she quit her job because of the three little cutie pies which made their family a little bigger in 1999. After nearly 15 long years of teaching experience she took a completely different path, a path which people generally won’t take, from teaching to business!! Her children never got the feel of not having a dad because Mrs. McRennel was very particular about it. Equally even the children loved her and never went against her in any circumstances, just blindly followed their mom. Steve and John were real good footballers and understood their responsibilities in the family. Handsome looking young teens, both wanted to be a great F1 racers or do modeling. And as for academics.. Never worry about that, they don’t know anything other than centum. As for friends are concerned, more number of girls than boys.
Jade is too very similar to her two bros. A tennis player, I mean a very good one, whose this talent was known to her friends as well her mom herself when she defeated a 10th std boy when she was in 7th, and as a consequence of a tennis player a mind-blowing athlete too!! When asked what to become in life a, very general and a satisfying answer is given, ‘Just be the best in which ever field I’m in’.
“We’ve gotta make the most of this holiday” said Steve as he gave a strong kick to the stone while they were walking down the street and it glided above the surface of a pretty deep puddle. “What sort of a comment is that?” asked John puzzled. “Of course we’ll make the most of it, but not here in New York, back in India!! I so damn want to meet grand dad and uncle and aunt and cousins and … EVERYONE!! “ “From there we go on a trip to Andaman and Nicobar islands” added Jade. “We’ve visited nearly all the places of tourist attractions within India… So this time for a change we go out of India!!” “Woaahh!!! You’re truly a genius Jade!!!” Exclaimed Steve and John timorously.
“Why?? What’s wrong??”
“I’m afraid that Andaman and Nicobar are a part of India” They had a hearty laugh except Jade.
“K… Fine… big deal!”
“ And yh.. What were u looking through that dusty window of that old shop while coming, bro? asked Steve pointing to the old antique shop up the street. “Well nothing, it was just an old vase, to describe the beauty of that one…” paused John as the huge majestic gate of their villa was opened with a slight creak by their watchman. “… rather a horrible, awkward looking ancient vase!”
Was more like a botanical garden than a villa! The smell of nearly all types of flowers was borne by the air. Mrs. McRennel and Jade’s favorite hobby was this, gardening. A green sun shade and under which a cemented path of about 100m wide was laid. The greenish color as the sun entered through the shade added to the beauty. A small cage which had the love birds chirping chirping was hung just above bird’s water bath towards the right if the visitor facing the house. In other words, it more like a mini paradise. At the doormat in front of the house , there she was lying with a miserable look of loneliness on her face. Luna was waiting for their arrival and as soon as the first words of Jade entered her ears she alighted her head in excitement. “Luunnaa!!!” Cried Jade as she came running to hug her. “Wooff! Wooff!”. That could be assumed as “At last! My race has come!” Then the door opened and a lady of decent height with bob-cut wearing a nighty and a spec for her short sight came.
“Oh no! How the heck is my house gonna be for the next 3 months!” came mom with a smile to blend with their happiness.
“Real funny mom! Worry not, we’ve made our plans for the hols”.replied Steve with a broad smile.
“Reallyy!!! You’ve never told me! What’s it?”exclaimed Jade.
“No plan”
“ Well…I’ve thought of going to Chennai and…” Jade’s hug just made her stop. “THANKS MOM!” Mom gave a slight giggle. “Pisstt!”whispered John. “Isn’t that weird Ste, mom, for the first time she didn’t ask our response to the horrible paper we’ve had today , and on top of this she has made plans for OUR vacation!!”
“By the way.. How was your paper?”asked the lady, beaming through her horn rimmed spectacles. Steve gave a grinning look by the end of his eye. “Pretty of now” John tried to cover up.
The house was nothing less than a palace. A big chandelier hung above the visiter’s head as they threw their bags and plunged to the sofa. “Time to give back our phones mom!”claimed John.
“K..Lu..he! Enough!” But luna was too busy with licks with affection on Jade.
The remaining time just flew. Sounds of many newly released songs were heard from the room above and stamping of the to feet to mom’s room below. The time was 8:30pm and the doorbell rang. Luna went running to the door and was scratching but unable to open it. “PIZZA NIGHTTT”Jade come running downstairs. Within a jiffy they all assembled in the dining table ready to help them with some yummy pizzas! The lady in night dress came. “Ok. See. This is what you guys must do. Tomorrow morning I’ve gotta go for an important seminar ok?”
“ok” came in chorus along with a muching sound.
“The driver will come and pick me up at 4.30am. And off I go. You guys..”
“okay.. We’ll take care” interrupted John.
“You guys…”
“ We’ll take care …”
“LISTEN!”mom’s patience was tested. “ you guys will get up have breakfast and uncle Max would come and pick u guys at half past 10. I’ll join u guys after my seminar in Chennai!”
“So we’re going tomorrow!!!!”exclaimed Jade
The pizza was enjoyed and the rustle of the plates were heard in the sink.
Jade was in nostalgic mood. She remembered all the happy, the memorable, amazing time she had spent with her friends. It was all over when she left that school after 10th. The pranks she had on others, her sapphire vice captain post as her house came the runner up, and many more. And more importantly the crush she had on Suriya!!
“Someone seems happy huh?”asked Steve as he spread out the blanket read to take their sleep.
“Of course…”with a look of obviousness.“Just can’t wait to see him.”
“You very well know that he likes only Meghna. He’s too good for u sis.”
“So?? I don’t give a damn. Well… I expected him to be like that. I always knew that he wont like me. All that matters is i like him.”
Steve and John just shrugged off her foolishness and went to bed.
A bright Saturday morning, a perfect day to start off their holiday. But our heroes were deep in their dreams, “Wooff..Wooff..”. Well maybe one of them is awake.If mom was there she would have given their morning dose and have woken them up. The maid felt pitty and let them sleep for more hours. Around 10 in the morning,which was early morning for them, they showed a few signs of waking up.
The bathroom was first inaugurated by Steve which was followed by John. “Di yoh se Jade??”asked John as he was brushing his teeth. “No. She would’ve gone for her morning jog.”
The room was left as it is and they ran down for breakfast. “MOM!! Where are your..” Then they realized the seminar appointment which their mom had. “Ok… So what about our breakfast???”
“Good morning bros” came a enthusiastic voice. John and Steve just peeped through the entrance of the kitchen. Jade, all dressed up like a chef, standing near the stove was working on the sauce pan which was similar to frying. Steve and John were frozen with terror on seeing that shocking sight. “Today I’ve made my masterpiece..” All those dishes sounded like Greek and Latin to them. “ I think mom gave me money to eat breakfast in the mess nearby. Care to join me?”
“Yesssss!!! What sort of rhetorical qns is that?”
They turned to hurry down to the main door when a voice came from behind.
“Mom’s told me to make the breakfast”Jade told stubbornly. Steve and John gulped. Poor guys, were always the guinea pigs for her experimental cooking.
“Our holidays couldn’t start any better” whispered Steve.
“How about Luna trying your new invention!!! Good idea isn’t it?”said John with a broad smile.
Luna who was busy playing with her teaddy bear, on hearing this suggestion, hurried to the sofa and hid underneath it.
“Pitty luna bros, you’ll suit more for all this.”
“We prefer the hotel” Steve and Jonh said in a chorus and turned to the main door. “I’ll PHONE MOM!”screamed a squeaky voice. No option, but to be her prey. They say down helplessly in the dining table. Jade resembled the GOD OF DEATH in disguise to the two miserable people sitting at bay. “I’ve made my masterpiece..”said the chef proudly. “ This is exactly the way how it started the other day!”thought Steve.
“Ah.. What an aroma.”
“I could get the smell of our insence stick already.”lamented John.
“Its not nice if I keep praising my work. You guys give me your reviews”
“Sure..! If we are alive.”
“Now..introducing a all new dish..WHAAAATTTT!!!”
Jade saw a hand retreating from the window near which she kept her dish to cool byvyhe breeze. “THEIFFFF… THEIFFF. CALL THE POLICE, YOU LAZY NINCOMPOOPS!!!”she yelled at them. Jade was all anxious with hustle and bustle. She created a racket of scream and a disturbed atmosphere.
“Well.. I think the ambulance will be a good choice” suggested Steve. Jade gave a grinning state at him. There began a small childish chase in the house. Even the maid had a hearty laugh. Luna also joined them for simple pleasures. After a while it all came to an end and came to the place where it started. A plate, nearly full as it was taken was kept back by the thief and he fled.
“Yh.. There it comes. Come bros lets get started.”
“ Thank goodness,if he scumbed to death, we would’ve been called for attempt murder and next place is jail.”
Convincing Jade was their next challenge. They pleaded and pleaded until they were forced to fall to their knees as their final option. “ok..fine.. We’ll go the mess” accepted half hearted Jade. Steve’s and John’s happiness grew no bounds. The hot dusty air blew right on their faces as they opened the door to go. Luna followed them enthusiastically.
They returned after a good breakfast in the mess. Steve plunged to the sofa and switched on the TV.
MURDER: A HOBBY?? Was the quote which he saw on the news channel. A live press with the police department was telecasted. “Sir, could you update us with the current situation of the case?”. The first question was shot.
“As long as the inquiry is going on I can’t disclose anything.” Objected the police.
“Sir” a hand went up.
“Sir, the murder whom you are searching for is in fact making your job easier. Well partly..but still. A list shown to us were only terrorist on cold blooded criminals who deserves to be punished but it’s the court which thinks that just by throwing them in jail and feeding them with shit is a punishment? These people are…” The police got off his chair and yelled “ BETTER MIND YOUR WORDS”
“SO your are telling me that he is helping the country ,right”
“Yes, but…” A palm was shown at him.
“Look, he is no one to give to justice. IS HE GOD?? WE HAVE THE COURT AND PROCEDURES TO DO THAT. WHO THE HELL IS HE???” The officer completely lost his temper. “TODAY IT’S THE CRIMINALS WHAT IF TOMORROW ITS YOU, IDIOT??”
The insulted reporter sat down embarrassed. The police began to take their leave and ignored the rest of the questions shot at them. “One last questi…” John interrupted and and pressed the main switch of the TV and he stood there with a football in his hand. “ We’ll go out and…”
“ARE U CRAZY BRO?? I AM WATCHING IT!!!” Steve generally doesn’t like anyone disturbing him while watching TV. He pushed him off and hurried to the TV and switched it on. Jade was gaping as such a incident never happened before. Steve never behaved that rude with him ever, and as a result they all sat on the sofa and wanted to see that interesting news on TV.
“… the break-in to the antique shop has got nothing to do with this.” Completed the commissioner. And a picture of the shop, a pretty familiar with the three was displayed.
“WHHAAATTTT!!!” a chorus was heard. They gave a gaping stare at each other. Even Luna launched her head up from rest after a tummy full breakfast. All four of them rushed to the main door and it slammed against the wall horizontal with it. The gate went flinging open and they huffed and puffed to the antique shop up the street. There were red and blue lights flashing from the cars parked. They tried to peep through the crowd and saw the police officers inquire the crowd randomly and 3-4 germansheperds accompanied by their trainers were also searching the scene for clues. “Awwww… Such cute dogs”
“Grrr…” Luna frowned.
“Oh!! Not more that you dear, chill”
“Guys, a little seriousness here???” whispered Steve in a commanding way.
They were so engrossed in the crime scene watching the police and their dogs searching the place with determination. “Hey you three” came a commanding a tough voice from their slight right. “Come here” “Oh crap. Why is that fellow calling us? We’ve got nothing to do with this” John was terrified. All three of them stood staring at the officer, with big arms, well built chest and flat tummy,could be assumed having a six or eight pack behind the khaki uniform.
“We just..”
“ I said COME HERE”
Steve and John gulped, their bodies grew chill and their face pale. Jade’s voice, out of the blues, commands “FOREWADR MARCH, LEFT,RIGHT LEFT” The other two, confused in the beginning, but soon understood her plan joined the fashion and Luna tip toed behind the three gallant soldiers. The crowd was giggling at then and a few boys laughing out loud. They didn’t care about all that. But the officer’s eyebrows still had that stiff, stern frown. “CHECK ONE TWO” ended the parade, and Luna banging her on Jade’s leg due to the sudden stop. “What are you three doing here??” questioned the officer as he tucked his sunshades in his shirt.
“No..Nothing si.. Sir”
“Our came o..out. we ju..just came to t..take him b..back” added Steve
“Whaaatttt!!!! I came out!!!!” thought Luna. “Putting me into trouble. Steve you idiot”
He then turned to them and asked in a threatening way. “Where does your dad work”?? A sudden feel of sorrow and despair took them over. The police understood by their looks at each other. “ Oh! I’m sorry. How about your mom”
“Well…She’s doing business”
“Okay.. Now go back and never roam again like this, especially you” he said pointing towards Luna. She just shrugged off and followed her owners who were on their run. “Phew! That was close” said John. The front gate which was left open in a hurry was later closed by Jade as they entered the house. “Should we really go to Chennai with such a mess going on outside?/”
“Why? Why not? You’ve got nothing with that. So why worry??”
“AND ANY CIRCUMSTANCES NO CHANGING PLANS. I. MUST. SEE . SURIYA.” Jade gave a death stare at John. He was serious the whole time. He just couldn’t take his mind off the scene he saw.
“Jade, will we get into trouble???” he asked with a childish scare. “No bro, just calm down” as she patted him over his shoulder. “OH MY GOD” Jade gasped. “Did we pack our luggage?? Mom told us to do so!!!!” They both got on to their feet and began their work. Luna, who was sitting beside them with a plastic ball in her mouth eager to play with them, threw it back with disappointment and went to take rest in her kennel which was basically under the sofa. Steve didn’t bother helping them in anyways as they’ll unknowingly pack his stuffs too. He was busy watching the news channel. Though the police tried to shrug off the media from their back they kept badgering them with questions. A frequent and a common question asked by the media were “When will you capture the cold blooded murderer and bring him to justice”. One of the officer who was extremely irritated turned to face the cameras and answered. “Open information. The murderer has exactly 10 days starting today. The first second on the 11th day he’ll be eating the same piece of shit which you told we feed the criminals with” completed as he pointed to the reporter. The throw of the officer’s voice startled everyone. The TV shut off suddenly due to power cut most frequent in India. “Ah! C’mon” thought Steve and went on to help the other two.
But the TV was on and the news channel was streaming. The room was illuminated by different colors at each second. He was sitting like a king in a three seater sofa with his arms spread out on both sides, with his right leg over his left, and his shabby hair covering his forehead and eyes and was having a slightest of a giggle at the foolishness of the police officer.
“Good Luck”
To be continued…